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Drumbeats and Brushstrokes

The story of Rick Allen is one of resilience and commitment to passion. After losing his left arm in a traumatic auto accident in 1984, Allen rallied and adapted his drum kit to allow him to continue drumming for one of the biggest bands of the 1980s and beyond. Serving as even more of a testament to the manís dedication is the fact that heís been creating his own original artwork all the while.

ďI got into art when I was young and I really enjoyed it, before I even started playing music. Ö Itís like coming up with songs, the inspiration is all around us,Ē Allen explained of his artistic inspiration. ďThe inspiration comes from everything; from my life as it is now, my life as it was before I even came to the states, my experience from being with the band, everything that I went through and Iím still going through, because I am a work in progress. Ö It wasnít until recently, I saw how my youngest daughter, how she would paint, and it was without fear and it made me realize that thatís where I go when I play music. Itís a place thatís very much in the moment and itís not coming from my head, itís coming from my heart.Ē

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