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Def Leppard's 15 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

Impressive enough that the British rock band has scored 19 Billboard Hot 100 hits (with 11 in the top 20) and 29 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart, but this is the quintet that this year celebrated the 30th anniversary of Hysteria, the behemoth that sold 25 million copies worldwide (per various sources) and featured seven of those Hot 100 scores. What shouldn’t be forgotten in the, er, hysteria surrounding those milestones is that Def Leppard were already superstars due to 1986’s Pyromania (selling 10 million copies in the States alone). The two albums are a yin/yang of sorts: By third studio project Pyromania, the band had refined its classic-rock influences into its own sound, and follow-up Hysteria further transformed that style with heavily multitracked production and accessible pop flair.

Def Leppard has seen more than its share of troubles as well, weathering such misfortunes as drummer Rick Allen losing his arm in an auto accident, the death of guitarist Steve Clark and current guitarist Vivian Campbell’s cancer battle. But through it all, the group has kept touring and recording; its most recent studio project was 2015’s Def Leppard, and the fivesome keeps delivering both hard-rocking chargers and polished radio fare. Its lengthy career accounts for this list containing ties and honorable mentions for comparable tracks that also have considerable merit.

HERE are the 15 best Def Leppard songs to date.