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VIVIAN CAMPBELL Explains Band's Reluctance To Make Straight-Ahead Rock Album

DEF LEPPARD guitarist Vivian Campbell has admitted many long-term fans of the band want them to record a straight-ahead rock album like "High 'N' Dry" from 1981. But he told the "White Line Fever" podcast: "That's never gonna happen."

Speaking on the most recent episode of the show, Campbell said: "DEF LEPPARD is a band that has evolved over the years, over the decades. DEF LEPPARD covers a lot of different genres of music, particularly on the last album. In fact, there's some styles on that record that we've never done before. The album closer is a psychedelic track. We've never done anything remotely like that before.

"Through the years, we've grown and developed."

Critics have said the British band's late-'80s success spoiled them and they've been trying to recapture the sound of multi-platinum 1987 album "Hysteria" ever since rather than countenance a return to their roots.

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