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Phil Collen On Withstanding The Test Of Time

With shows in Tusacaloosa today (May 1) and tomorrow (May 2), Phil Collen spoke with Tuscaloosa News about the strength of performing with fellow tour-mates Poison and Tesla.

“There’s a bit of strength with all three bands I’m really kind of proud to be part of actually, and it’s just really very cool,” said Phil Collen, Def Leppard’s lead guitarist, in a phone interview. “When we get out there there’s that common denominator for all of it that I’m really looking forward to.”

That common denominator: None has ever disbanded. All have many or mostly original members. 

“Def Leppard, Tesla and Poison have never split up,” Collen said. “So the integrity is actually three real bands that have weathered all sorts of storms and trends and phases. I remember in the ’90s it was so uncool to be in a hard-rock band and people were like ‘Oh God, you guys are so lame,’ and then all of a sudden, you stick it out, and it’s great.”

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