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Phil Collen- upcoming tour 'A Celebration Of Integrity'

New England Concert Reviews recently conducted an interview with Phil Collen. You can now listen to the chat below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by

On Def Leppard's success and longevity:

Phil: "I think our work ethic and integrity were actually given to us by our parents. They were World War II survivors, they survived the blitz, their country got blown up and everything, and all these crazy stories, so I think our families installed this very working-class value system on us, and I think we kind of brought that into the world of music and how we approach the band and the business and everything. We don't let things bother us too much, and we really work hard, and I think the integrity and all of that stuff has allowed us to still be doing it. You know, I'll be 60 at the end of this year, and I do feel like I'm 25, and it's amazing. I think that that inspiration that you get from all of that kind of constant… I love what I do — we all do. It's amazing. It's payment, it's a reward for having worked so hard and just put all the effort in. It's really cool. I love it."

On the strength of Def Leppard's live performance:

Phil: "We're a better band than we were. Every year we get better. That's actually why we put this new DVD out, because everyone was going, 'You should record this. This is the best tour we've ever seen you. You've never sounded this good. The show has never looked this good.' So we said, 'Okay.' We recorded a show in Detroit and just put that out. And it is — I believe that. 'Cause we constantly tour, constantly record and constantly get bombarded with inspiration, and you get better. I'm a better player than I was last year, I can sing better than I did last year. I like that trajectory, kind of going up and just getting better and improving — not with age, but with experience. And I'm pointing that out — there's a big difference between age and experience. And if you take that for what it is, you can just be better. And it feels great. I've gotta say — it feels great to be that inspired."

On Def Leppard's upcoming North American tour with Poison and Tesla:

Phil: "Me personally, I actually see it as a celebration of the integrity of these three bands, and they all, for the most part, they are original members. It's, like, this is the same Def Leppard that put out 'Hysteria'. Well, obviously, Steve Clark passed away but it's the same band — it's not like a bunch of different guys in there. Tesla, it's the same band with one exception — Dave Rude's in the band now. And the four guys in Poison are the same four guys that started Poison. So it's, like I said, a celebration of integrity. A lot of other bands, they disappear and they actually maintain that. So this is as real as it gets. This is real integrity, it's a real band doing their stuff, it's not karaoke by any means, and it's also a tribute to being the last ones standing. A lot of bands have fallen off by the wayside, and whatever, but these three bands are here and I'm really appreciating that. Like I said, yes, a celebration of integrity."


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